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Rafe Britton

Hi I’m Rafe Britton, the Lubrication Expert. I’m known within the industry for my YouTube channel and podcast, and I work with mid-size industrials improve their equipment uptime while reducing the cost of their lubrication program. I’m a mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience on both sides of the industry; both as an operator, and lubricant supplier. I hold a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Physics from UNSW.

Lubrication Expert is purposefully brand independent and sells no lubricant, filter, sensor or hardware. I’ve helped dozens of industrial clients upskill their workforce, reduce waste, improve reliability and take great strides toward their corporate sustainability goals. I serve on the Australian Lubricant Association technical committee to push the lubrication industry forward.

Industry doesn’t understand lubrication, and few people are left to teach them. This results in incorrect use of lubricants, contamination & machine failure, leaving reliability engineers frustrated with the state of their lubrication program. The ultimate consequence is more machine interventions, more waste, and more equipment downtime

What I offer is knowledge, and only knowledge. My clients gain access to my learnings both as an operator and industry insider – this includes the technical aspects of lubricant chemistry, degradation and contamination control, but also the commercial considerations so that you can better leverage your supplier relationships.

The result? A world-class lubrication program that optimizes for reliability, reduces waste and improves sustainability outcomes.