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Rafe Britton


LUbricant Marketing, formulation

Rafe Britton, the Lubrication Expert, is known within the industry for his YouTube channel and podcast, and works with mid-size industrials improve their equipment uptime while reducing the cost of their lubrication program. He is a mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience on both sides of the industry; both as an operator, and lubricant supplier. Rafe holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Physics from UNSW.

Rafe is a technical committee member for the Australian Lubricants Association, a Precision Lubrication Magazine editorial board member, an advisory board member of Lubricant Expo, exam board member of the International Council of Machinery Lubrication and a technical editor of TLT, the monthly publication of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. Rafe is ICML MLE, MLA III, MLT II, VIM and VPR certified and is a Chartered Professional Engineer through Engineers Australia.


Elaine Hepley



Elaine Hepley has 15 years industry experience with condition monitoring, varnish analysis, data statistics, technical training, professional development and public speaking. She is passionate about all things varnish and enjoys working with others to help them understand the formation of varnish, data interpretation and varnish mitigation. Aside from that, Elaine has extensive experience in Technical Training in Diesel Fuel and Oil Analysis. Elaine will be providing services in both English and in spanish and genuinely enjoys helping and training others. 

Elaine is a CLS and OMA certified professional and currently sits on the STLE board of directors. Elaine currently also serves on the following committees with STLE, OMA, DEI and Certification Committee.  She has obtained a certificate from Cornell University for Women in Leadership. 


Sanya Mathura

CEO – Strategic reliability solutions

VARNISH MITIGATION, oil degradation

Sanya Mathura brings her 15 years of experience to provide her clients with solutions to complex problems in various industries revolving around machinery lubrication issues. With a BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering, a MSc in Engineering Asset Management and a history of solving / troubleshooting machinery lubrication challenges globally, she has the ability to break down complex problems and help create solutions. 
She is an internationally published author and has written 4 technical books to date along with being the editor for the “Empowering women in STEM” series of books. While her expertise resonates in lubricant degradation, she is a strong advocate for women in STEM. 
Sanya is ICML MLE, MLT I/II certified, sits on the editorial board for STLE TLT digital magazine & Precision Lubrication and is also a Columnist for the Equipment Today Magazine. She also serves the community as an UpKeep Ambassador. 


Gary Dudley



Gary Dudley possesses over 27 years of expertise in the lubricants industry, with experiences covering synthetic base stocks, lubricant formulations, aviation, marketing, planning, and greases. Holding a Ph.D. in chemistry, he has assumed diverse roles, including Research Chemist, Product Manager, and Technology Manager. Having dedicated years to the development and marketing of lubricants, Gary is enthusiastic about collaborating with companies to address their lubrication requirements and challenges.

He is a proud member of STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) and NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute). 

United kingdom

Steve Knapp

CEO – Plan. grow. do.

lubricant sales

Steve Knapp is one of the UK’s most celebrated and influential sales experts. A best-selling author and much sought-after keynote speaker – his inspirational selling techniques are still the cornerstone of Shell, one of the world’s biggest brands where he spent over 14 years in global sales excellence roles. The Sheffield-based entrepreneur rose through the ranks of the multi-national to become responsible for the success of the company’s sales teams right across the globe.

In 2019, he made his pioneering teachings available to a wider audience via his Amazon best-selling book – ‘FunnelVision – Selling Made Easy’ which won plaudits from some of the most influential voices in the industry.

In 2021, along with his business partner Rob Taylor, he co-authored ‘Modern Sales Leadership’ to rave reviews from many international sales leaders. His thinking on the future of organisation/cultural change and its impact on sales culture/growing sales has been in big demand.


Shane Scriven

MD – SAS Asset management


Shane is the Managing Director of SAS Asset Management Pty Ltd and The Maintenance School, two organisations that are redefining the landscape of this field. Shane has pioneered innovative asset management strategies that not only optimise system performance but also focus on a larger mission—making a lasting impact on communities. He has supported a diverse range of industries, including health care, defence, transport, and manufacturing, and has received the Project of the Year award for his work on structural health monitoring.

He is passionate about delivering bespoke solutions that merge ‘better practices’ with the unique needs and objectives of each client, and about advocating for mental health, resilience, and adaptability both within the workplace and in the broader community.

Shane holds the Certified Senior Practitioner in Asset Management (CSAM) and Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) credentials, as well as multiple certifications in lubrication and vibration analysis.


Lake Speed Jr



The son of a former NASCAR driver and World Karting Champion, Lake Speed Jr holds both STLE CLS and OMA 1 Certifications. While working for Joe Gibbs Racing, Lake led a development team that applied the science of Tribology to NASCAR engines and drivetrains. 

In the 8 seasons prior to the development program, Joe Gibbs Racing won 17 races and no championships. In the first 8 seasons of the development program, Joe Gibbs Racing won 41 races and 3 championships. Overall, the lubricants developed for JGR have enabled over 10 championships and 100 victories. 

Lake has spent the last 7 years working closely with Shaver Specialties Racing Engines testing engine oils, cylinder bore surface finishes and piston rings.
Following the sale of Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil (now known as Driven Racing Oil), Lake moved to Total Seal piston rings to continue the application of Tribology for the purpose of improving engine efficiency.


Jack Zakarian



Jack Zakarian spent 37 years working for Chevron Lubricants (including Texaco and Caltex) in all aspects of base oil & lubricant R&D, manufacture, formulation, and applications. Jack had a number of major industry accomplishments, such as: process R&D, construction and startup for Chevron’s Richmond Lube Base Oil Plant (the world’s first all-hydroprocessing manufacturing route); advances in catalytic hydrocracking and isomerization dewaxing; development of Group III processing technology; development of 500,000-mile-drain heavy-duty axle and transmission lubricants using Group II & III base oils; and development of unique additive technology based on nanodispersions of borate. 

While at Chevron, Jack was a Global Product Development Manager and directed a worldwide team responsible for creating, improving, and maintaining more than 400 different lubricant products and he was widely known as “The Gear Doctor” during his Chevron career. Jack also received excellent reviews for his lubricant training classes, where he helped learners understand technical concepts by using clear language, humour and songs.
Jack has deep knowledge of all parts of the lubricants business chain. He has partnered with people in many areas, including formulation R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, tech service, supply chain, procurement, OEM sales, and planning. In his work with clients, he is able to provide insights critical to commercial success.