Lubrication Expert and Rafe Britton publish industry information in a number of different formats. If the mission is to promote the understanding of lubricants we need to meet people where they are and where they consume information. So that means a presence in all formats!

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YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel is probably how you were introduced to Rafe Britton and Lubrication Expert. Not a big channel by YouTube standards, but with a growing subscriber base in a niche industry it has become a place that professionals around the world can gain access to technology tutorials.

The intent of the YouTube channel might not be obvious – the AdSense revenue only pays for a cup of coffee a day, so it’s not for the riches! YouTube gives you second-by-second analytics on audience retention. This data is use to improve the quality of the tutorial videos, which makes the videos on LX Pro all the better. It’s this data-driven approach which makes the training content the best in the business.


On Lubrication Experts, Rafe Britton talks with the best in the business about all things lubricants, engineering and industry. From lubricant technology and condition monitoring to supply chain and manufacturing the experts sit down to give their take on the current and future states of the industry.

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