Want a quick $400AUD. Are your PDSs boilerplate? Do they contain the same, tired “features and benefits”? Is it too difficult to separate your standard from premium products? This service will conduct a review and rewrite of your existing technical documents to make them more compelling, and connect your technology to the product.

Do you lack the resources to churn out blog articles, technical powerpoint presentations or other documentation? The “do-it-for-me” service will create collateral targeted at the needs of your customers.

Prices are based on a ~1000-word blog article and a ~20-slide deck. Get in contact if you would like variations to this.

Want explainer videos done in the style of the Lubrication Explained YouTube channel? They’re a great way to engage an audience and actually explain the underlying technology of your product. Designed by engineers, for engineers (or customers that think like engineers).

The powerpoint files become an extremely powerful tool for your sales and technical teams on customer visits.

$3000AUD per day approx plus GST. A custom marketing consultation that can assist with market entries, branding, etc. 

Please use the contact form on the order page to specify what you’re looking for.

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