Have you got a question about a used oil analysis result? Maybe you want to check that some information from an oil supplier checks out? Need to know what lab tests to ask for?

Use the Lubrication Expert second opinion. Send through relevant information and get an answer from an independent third party.

Your oil analysis results are screaming to be analysed. There’s probably some gold in there, but you’re not sure how to mine for it.

Send in all your results in .csv format, and the Lubrication Expert will organise the data into actionable insights. There’s a 90% chance that an oil drain extension opportunity will be identified. Depending on the nature of your fleet, it may be possible to identify underperforming assets that require attention.

More in depth consultation. This could relate to any one of the five pillars:

  1. Lubricant selection / procurement
  2. Contamination Control
  3. Storage and Handling
  4. Competency
  5. Oil Analysis



Full stack solution to take your lubrication program to a world class standard. Designed to help you achieve your reliability and sustainability goals – not a volume sales target. For most organizations, the improvement process resolves into five steps:

  1. Lubrication Survey
  2. Develop Contamination Control Program
  3. Improve Oil Analysis
  4. Training
  5. Procurement advice