$30AUD pp/mth. 2x free months when you purchase an annual subscription. LX Pro is an online training platform containing more than 50 courses; new courses are added fortnightly. 

The synthetic tier ($50pp/mth) drops in 2023 and will include CLS, MLA I, MLT I, MLT II, MLA II, VPR and VIM training, as well as weekly office hours. 

Most suitable for personnel that need exposure to lubrication technologies or specific application expertise.

Want to train your team, or your customers? LX Pro for teams offers multiple solutions starting from $50 pp/month. Includes access to all training modules available on the platform (including all training that will be added to the synthetic tier in 2023). Two months free when purchasing an annual subscription.

50x pax subscription unlocks the groups feature, in which businesses can host their own webinars and discussion forums. Rate per person drops to $40AUD pp/mth.

100x pax subscription unlocks subgroups and group leaderboards to gamify the experience. Rate per person drops to $30AUD pp/mth.

$3000AUD pp plus GST. LX Academy is six-month program designed for immediate practical application. Each fortnight participants are given coursework based on live lessons to implement on site, with feedback for their solutions given in the following session. Candidates leave the program with ISO Cat I training completed. Most suitable for lubrication technicians, reliability engineers & managers.

Currently taking signups for cohort starting January 2023.

$3000AUD per day approx plus GST. LX Bespoke is a custom training solution that can involve webinars, on site training, or live online training. Send in your case studies, oil analysis results and machine failures to be included in the session. Most suitable for large teams seeking to resolve specific issues or develop knowledge around a specific application.

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